Let Ellen Be Your Aunt

Ellen is like that aunt of yours who just loves to make you happy with treats and sweets and all kinds of other goodies! With 24-48 hours notice (during our business week, we are closed Mondays and Tuesdays), the crew can whip up any number of things to make your get-togethers, parties, office breakfast/lunch meetings, or even your day-to-day dining experiences that much more delicious. Our offerings include the following, but we are always open to fulfilling custom orders as well! If you like something, chances are Ellen and the team can make it.

Bread Loaves | Cinnamon Raisin | Sourdough | Rye | Herb Durum | Dinner Rolls | Pies and Cakes (Let's get creative!) | Pierogi | Breakfast Pastries | Dessert Platters | Soups (Don't sleep on this!) | Pulled Pork with Fixin's

Let's Get Started!

Please reach out to Ellen by using this form! She will get back to you as soon as possible and will get started on making all of your food dreams come true (and all of your foodie friends happy). We can't wait to hear from you!